" Frank Helped us out greatly in what could have been a very costly and time consuming ordeal.  it was April and our heater was failing to start and with the pool only 2 years old I was very frustrated! Frank came the day after we called him to look into the problem. In no time and no charge, Frank was available to get the heater running with a simple cleaning and maintenance. I would call on him again and recommend him to others."

Chris and Susan Moffa


" I have used Frank multiple times for my pool needs, he replaced my Polaris pump and spa light bulb with little effort on my part other then making that first phone call. Frank picked up the phone immediately and was very response to my needs! Small company feel with big company experience was spot on!"

Marcia Graham

Frank is very personable and spent a lot of time talking to me about my pool needs. He is a family man who understood my finical situation and was able to re-hang parts of my sagging pool linear with some pennies and quarters. Tricks of the trade, he said! I also contracted him for repairing my multi-port and maintenance work. Call him today!"